Harvest Festival in Year 4

We have had a very creative morning, working on a harvest festival acrostic poem.  We decided to challenge ourselves and write it about  harvest and  the sea.  Please click the link to hear us perform it.  IMG_1116

And here are the words;


H is for home for the fish and shellfish

A is for the ability to farm the sea for food

R is for respecting everything in the ocean

V is for vegetation like seaweed and samphire which is delicious to eat

E is for encouraging the elimination of unsustainable fishing

S is for sharing the bounty of the sea

T is thank you to the sea for all it provides


F is for the fishermen and fisherwomen who go out in all weathers

E is for the eco-friendly fishermen and women who protect our fish stocks

S is for the stocks of fish which we are grateful for, but must respect

T is for being thankful for the sea

I is for including everyone in the harvest festival

V is for the versatility and variety of all the things we collect from the sea

A is for the appreciation of all the lovely food we can eat

L is for our love for the sea.


What a creative and thoughtful class.