St. Michael’s Weekly Post – 14th January 2022

14th January 2022

The children have been settling into their first full week back at school in 2022. Although we have had a few colder, frosty mornings the sun has been shining and we have had a beautiful assembly on the playground this afternoon. This term children are learning about the value of perseverance and it is wonderful to hear the children’s views on how they will demonstrate this value.

Elder Class and number of Rowan Class have attended their first swimming session of the year at Hungerford Leisure Centre. We hope they enjoy this great opportunity and learning this life skill.

Lunch-time Assistant Vacancy
The school are currently recruiting a Lunch-time Assistant to work 1 hour a day, ideally 5 days a week (term time only). Please find further details attached.

Farewell Clare
Today we have said a very fond farewell to Clare who has cooked the children’s wonderful school dinners for 6 years. Clare has been a huge asset to our wider St Michael’s team and she will be missed.

Oak & Rowan Class – Tag Rugby afterschool club
Our KS2 children experienced a taster session of Tag Rugby, facilitated by The Sports Project, on Wednesday. We are looking at gradually reintroducing outdoor afterschool clubs, starting with Tag Rugby on Wednesday 19th January. Initially this club will be offered to years 5 and 6 only. To book your child’s place, please book directly with The Sports Project using the below link:

Driving in the village
For those of you who drive to and from school, can we please remind everyone to drive cautiously in our lovely village which we recognise can be busy during drop off and pick up times. For those with electric cars, please be mindful as children are unlikely to hear your car easily.

Winter Clothing
As a reminder, during these colder months, with our windows are open to help stop the spread of Covid-19. We therefore recommend children come to school in lots of layers. Long sleeve vests/t-shirts and leggings/long johns under their uniform or a school fleece are best. We also suggest children have named hat, scarf and gloves in school, along with their wellies, for break times.
Diary Dates – Term 3
Date Details Class
Wednesday 19th January After school club – Tag Rugby Oak & Rowan Class who have signed up
Friday 21st January Swimming Lessons Elder Class & invited pupils
Thursday 17th February Last day of term – Normal finish time Whole School
Friday 18th February TD Day Whole School
Monday 28th February TD Day Whole School
Tuesday 1st March First day of term 3 Whole School

TD days
Friday 18th February 2022
Monday 28th February 2022
Monday 27th June 2022
Monday 25th July 2022 – Now an extra holiday for all