Year 1 and 2 History of Aldbourne walk.

Year 1 and Year 2 had the most incredible, informative walk this afternoon. The Heritage group took round all the children, in small groups, to tell them all about the history of Aldbourne.

The children were told about how the pond had looked back in 1953 and how it was used.


They were informed about how the square was used for the Aldbourne feast from 1222-1578. Nowadays, it’s used for the carnival.

The Green was used for a market and Animals were allowed to graze on the green. Even more, it was used for the church fete.


To the right of the Blue Boar were racing stables.


The football and Cricket field was used for archery practice in the medieval ages and they were banned from playing football! Football was allowed to be played again since before 1900. Even more, the field was used as an army camp during WW2. Huts were built around the field and around various streets.

The nursing home was once a pig farm!

Ask the children to find out more information.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Aldbourne Heritage group and their volunteers as they were incredible. Our children are extremely lucky!