Oak and Rowan Class explore respect, honesty and love

Last Friday was our first House Day of the year, on which we explored the values of respect, honesty and love and the story of the boy in the temple. To begin our day, we presented our new house captains with their badges and Year 6 introduced some challenges to complete over the day via Zoom.

The children worked in their houses to try and spell the first letter of their house, along with Reception.

We decorated the playground, using chalk to draw some beautiful butterflies, our symbol to represent these values.

Back in class, we thought about how the story of the boy in the temple showed these values and we heard from the Reverend Sue via video. We used this to begin rewriting the school prayer to include the key messages of these values.

In the afternoon, we helped to complete a piece of Andy Goldsworthy style art, helping one another to collect resources and add to the installation on top of the bank.

We finished the day by playing some parachute games, working together to keep a ball from rolling off the edge and helping the cat catch the mouse…