Friend or Foe Year 3?

This week we have asked the children read a chapter of this wonderful story each day. They have then told us their first impressions of the main characters, used their prediction skills to tell us what they think will happen next, to compare life in London to life in Devon, to write the letter that the main character might have written to his mother back in London and to create some artwork to depict their thoughts. It’s safe to say they are really enjoying this book and that we are so pleased this enjoyment is oozing out of their work for us to enjoy…

There has also been children learning to LOVE adding fractions:

and then we also had:

making a chicken casserole from scratch using his Nan’s recipe

smashing their times tables record using a fun online app

hand-delivering goodie bags to the children of the village from the church

coding themselves a new game

learning Spanish

digging up the leeks from the garden to be used in the evening meal

AND entertaining themselves by racing their tortoises!

What a wonderful week Year 3, thank you.