Acorn Class: Forest School

This term in Acorn Class we are learning about the dark. In the forest, we have begun exploring  nocturnal animals. Some of the children told us that a nocturnal animal sleeps during the day and hunts for their food at night. We shared some of the different nocturnal animals we could think of: foxes, owls, hedgehogs and badgers were suggested. We read the story Owl Babies and played a game called ‘sticky arms’, where we each collected one stick the length of our arm and stuck our elbows together to make a circle. Next we put our sticks down on the ground to help us start to build a nest. Some children continued this, collecting sticks, leaves and feathers.

High quality child-led play took place in the forest yesterday afternoon, children hunted for dinosaurs and explored different natural items and textures in the mud kitchen. Others spent time on the swings, hammocks and I think we all enjoyed the hot chocolate and biscuit afterwards!