St. Michael’s Weekly Post – 1st May 2020

1st May 2020


Welcome to the weekly post. Thank you for all the amazing things you are doing with your children – it is so fantastic to see, read and watch!


The teachers have been working hard to create another interesting and varied range of learning opportunities and activities for the next two weeks, which they hope your child will enjoy. The focus is very much on VE day with activities to support this! We have been very fortunate as the Aldbourne Heritage Group have been amazing and have put together a PowerPoint all about the history of World War 2 in Aldbourne which they hope you enjoy watching. This will be available on youtube soon. In the week beginning 11th May, they will hold a live Zoom question and answer session! More information will come out about this through Class Dojo so please do look out! Next Friday is the VE celebration and is a Bank holiday – the learning packs have reflected this and we are hoping we can have some sort of a get together to share a part of this day with you – Lookout on your Class Story!


I appreciate that you and your child have now been at home together for many weeks. The teaching team have tried very hard to answer any queries and adapt learning to suit the specific needs of your child. I really wanted to emphasise that the learning which is sent home is only meant as a suggestion – if it doesn’t suit your child or your family set up then please do what you can do – the most important aspect of this tricky time is that you and your child stay safe, well and happy.


A few parents have mentioned whether we will be considering using Zoom to directly teach children or to have individual or small group contact. We need to have a system in place which is accessible for all our families including those with limited access to technology. We will, therefore, continue to only use Zoom to hold sociable class get-togethers – I do hope you understand our reasons for this.  Can I also remind you that if you need to speak to your class teacher whether you are worried, concerned or are not sure about a piece of learning then please do message them through Class Dojo. The teachers really like being able to help and have answered many questions and concerns in this way.


I am sure many of you may have had a spring clean whilst at home! The teaching team have put together a wish list which could enhance our learning when school is re-open. If you have any of these items please leave them in the boxes which are outside the school main entrance.







Flowers, shrubs – dried or fresh.

Pot Pourri.

Fashion jewellery.



Cotton wool.

Cotton buds.

Large/unusual cardboard boxes, (wardrobe style boxes).

Pillowcases – neutral colours.

Pegs – large or small.


Wooden picture frames.


Fabrics, fur, lace, voiles.

Round end tent pegs.

Large nuts and screws, bolts, padlocks and keys (large or small) – any magnetic objects.

Small, softwood offcuts.

Cutlery (spoons and forks only).

Serving bowls (wooden or metal).

Brass items (jugs, cups, plates, and candlesticks etc. – unusual items).


Pots and pans.

Wooden spoons,

turkey basters,

Whisks, spatulas, serving spoons etc.

Bottle tops (metal and plastic).

Yoghurt pots.

Old cameras, mobile phones, typewriters, keyboards, mouse, magnifying glasses, walkie talkies.

Digging utensils (small metal trowels/forks).

Unused/clean paintbrushes and rollers.


Finally, can I thank you those of you who have sent us a message of support. It is very much appreciated, this is a strange time for us all and the St Michael’s team are anxious to do all they can to help you, so it has been lovely to hear from you.


Please keep well and stay safe.


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