Healthy Human Day- Years 1 and 2

Today Years 1 and 2 explored what us Humans need be healthy.

They explored the following 4 areas:

Physical actitity- the children discovered that you need 60 minutes of physical activity a day. This means your heart rate needs to be fast, you will become out of breath, you will get hot and your face may become red. The children explored different ways to ensure they could get their 60 minutes a day.

Healthy diet and good hygiene- the children exlored what makes a healthy diet and then they designed their own lunch/dinner. They then made fruit kebabs… deliscious! But before they ensured they had washed their hands properly.

Healthy Mind- The children explored, how when they have a healthy mind, they are relaxed, happy, confident, warm e.c.t and they did this through yogo style activities and meditation/relaxtion.

What a fantastic and fun day they had!