Goings-on in Year 6

We’ve had a really busy couple of weeks with some fantastic work going on. Here are some highlights:

Science: After learning about how emperor penguins adapt to their extreme habitat, we designed and made the perfect ‘penguin egg’ using what we had found out about thermal insulators and conductors. We considered variables, ensured fair tests and measured accurately to find out who were the best penguin parents!!

English: we leant about the story of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. After finding out about the characters, we ordered the story, creating hashtags to summarise the key events:

We then focused on the witches in the story, learning their famous lines for our whole class poetry slam performance:

Finally, a MASSIVE well done to all those who entered our poetry slam this year, there were some brilliant performances in class, we were so proud of all those who were courageous enough to stand in front of their classmates and perform: