At St. Michael’s, we aim to ensure that our children leave us confident in the use of mathematics and with an understanding of the skills needed to function in today’s world.

They should be able to:

  • solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately,
  • use their initiative and to work both independently and in cooperation with others,
  • develop positive attitudes to mathematics and to recognise that it can be both enjoyable and useful,
  • develop a confidence with mathematics which equips them for their future lives and for future employment opportunities.

As a school, we aim to offer a maths curriculum which is progressive and which takes into account the individual needs of children, provides a breadth of opportunities which are enjoyable and challenging and which enables children to see that it is in overcoming the barriers that they face in maths that they will develop their understanding and learn the most.

Children in Y1 to Y6 will generally have a maths lesson every day. In Reception the children are exposed to maths daily through planned, purposeful play activities and through a mix of adult focused and child initiated activities. All teachers differentiate learning to meet the needs of all of the children.

Monster Maths

Once class teachers feel it is appropriate, KS2 children at St Michael’s take part in our school mental maths scheme called ‘Monster Maths’. The children work their way through 5 stages of progressive difficulty. The emphasis is on home practice, although the children will also cover the skills in their daily maths lessons.

The focus of the scheme is on developing quick recall of number facts such as; times tables, division facts and basic addition/subtraction sums.

The children will be tested each week and will have 2 minutes to answer as many questions as possible.

Again, at the point where it is deemed appropriate, children in KS2 will take part in our times table scheme called ‘The 99 Club’.


Our curriculum has been designed in line with the New Primary Curriculum.