Subject Intent – Science

At St Michael’s, we want children to love Science.

The curriculum has been designed so that children understand the big ideas of Science and are able to apply this within the real world.

Through the study of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, children will acquire and develop scientific knowledge through a well-planned curriculum, building on prior knowledge. Children will acquire and use a broad range of scientific vocabulary which will be revisited and built upon as children move through the school. Alongside this, children will work practically to ask and answer scientific questions. We want the children to develop inquisitive minds, where they explore the world around them through play opportunities and practical tasks. As the children progress through St Michael’s, we expect to see them using equipment, conducting experiments, building arguments explaining concepts confidently and critically evaluating evidence, while continuing to ask questions and be curious about their surroundings.

We achieve this by providing a rich, diverse curriculum, underpinned by our school’s core values of Respect, Honesty and Love, enabling every member of the school community to have a ‘Lifetime Love for Learning’.


Subject Curriculum Plan

St Michael’s operates a two year rolling curriculum plan; to see the two year plan please follow this link.