Religious Education

Subject Intent – RE


At St. Michael’s we want children to love Religious Education.

We encourage children and adults to be deep-thinking, caring and considerate citizens who are passionate about and want to make a difference to their school, community and the wider world.

Our Religious Education curriculum will promote curiosity and intrigue. An exposure to sacred texts, literature, stories and the arts, as well as visits and visitors will provide insight and inspire our children to hold open and honest conversations about religion and beliefs and how they shape our world.

The Bible and religious texts will be the beating heart of our lessons, playing a vital role as we develop and harness children’s faith, recognising that our core values of love, honesty and respect can be used to unite groups and communities. Our children will leave Primary school with a sense of awe and wonder of the world around them and their role in it; spreading their wings as champions of diversity, promoters of cultures and courageous advocacy and celebrators of all aspects of life with a ‘Lifetime Love for Learning’.


Subject Curriculum Plan

St Michael’s operates a two year rolling curriculum plan; to see the two year plan please follow this link.