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Saving lives

Rowan class has a fantastic morning learning all about the Wiltshire Air ambulance service.  We started by finding out when they might be needed and

Cool cricketers in Year 5

  Year 5 have been having weekly cricket coaching as part of their P.E. this term.  We started off looking at catching and quickly moved onto

Finding new angles

Year 4 have been investigating different angles this week.  Can you spot  the right angles, acute and obtuse angles that we made?

Persevering in Year 4

 Year 4 have been busy exploring perseverance, firstly we looked at famous quotes about perseverance, and then we persevered ourselves

Active maths

 Year 4 have been working their bodies alongside their brains as they practice their 6

Times tables

We have been exploring games that can help us to learn our times tables facts today.  This morning we started off with a modified game

Election Fever.

What an amazing set of candidates we had in Year 4. We have been treated to 5 amazing and creative presentations to help us to