Year 6 Houses of Parliament trip

On Wednesday we had a fascinating insight to the world of democracy and British politics during our visit to the Houses of Parliament in London.

Once inside, we were given a thorough tour of ‘the heart of British politics’. It was very busy with tourists, politicians, Lords and media outlets because it was the day of ‘Prime Minister’s questions’ where, according to our guide, Theresa May had lots of ‘Brexit business’ to attend to!

In the House of Lords (no photography allowed!) we stood where Winston Churchill gave passionate speeches about the ongoing Second World War – we even saw the indentations caused by his ring where he passionately banged his hand on the table. Near the central lobby some of us were very excited to see a statue which protesting suffragettes chained themselves to in order to get their voices heard.

We then walked through the Royal Gallery where leaders from different countries are welcomed. We had interesting conversations when we were told Donald Trump would be having a welcoming banquette there when he comes to visit!

Next we had a fascinating and unique opportunity to meet and talk to Lord James Younger -the Viscount of Leckie and luckily for us, a relative of Imogen! He let us have a picnic lunch on the lawn outside the main entrance where even the politicians are not allowed to go!

After Prime Minister’s questions had finished, Claire Perry, our local MP, came out to hold a Q and A session with us.

On our way out, we spotted some protesters, checked out the wonderful architecture, visited the Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst memorial and admired the view down the River Thames before jumping on the bus, navigating the London traffic and heading back to school! What a day!