Wartime with Year 3

This week we have been taken back to World War 2 and the celebrations of VE Day.  As has become usual, they have found phenomenally creative ways to learn, well done Year 3. We’ve had to have our tissues at the ready this week…

Some have learnt directly from those family or friends that were evacuees during the war. One child video called their 96 year old great-grandmother to see how it felt to be evacuated from London to Cornwall for 3 months. They recorded the call so we could also learn, it was a very special moment.

They have enjoyed some war time cooking with an array of cakes and scones being baked.

One child has even had a makeover – with her hair in rollers and wearing the fashion of the time she has learnt the words to the Dame Vera Lynn classic “We’ll meet again” and plans to sing it to her neighbours tomorrow. WOW!

Another has been reminded of the trip he made to France last year, where he was photographed with the lady who was a child when living in the first house to be liberated by British forces in France – another WOW!

They seem to have really enjoyed learning about the evacuees – some literally packed a suitcase and most created a label that they hung around their neck.


We also tasked the children to explore who were the Allied and Axis powers:

As you can see, this child explored the nations flags at the time of the war and at the present time – fantastic!

After working so hard, we really hope you and your families enjoy celebrating VE Day tomorrow… Or Tag der Befreiung, la Fete de la Victoire,  Dia de la Victoria en Europa!