Sporting challenge in Year 3

This week has been all about sports challenges. You have not only completed them but have found the most creative, inventive and spectacular ways to complete them, which has made it very entertaining for us!

When crossing the river was too easy you reduced the size of your “stepping stones” to the size of small books, were hosed by water sprays to make balancing much more difficult and even used floating “stones” to make it significantly harder!

You also completed the treasure chest challenge with equal gusto! Completing it using a hoverboard, with giant teddy bears that we were particularly tricky to handle quickly or even the tiniest of items you could find!

The standing jumps were awesome and turned into whole family affairs for many of you. Some chose to extend the challenge  – finding out  how many of your jumps it would take to jump as far as Greg Rutherford’s British record. It turns out that it would take 6 jumps! Wow!


You completed a throws challenge too and we saw you dressed as Power Rangers, wearing face masks so that you couldn’t really see where you were throwing, using the lengths of your gardens for extended challenge levels and being incredibly supportive of your friends and younger siblings. Again, many of you recruited members of your family and made full use of the beautiful weather.

It was great to hear that some of you had used siblings for racing as Saxons and Danes too! What a wonderfully entertaining Sports Week. A big thank you to so many of you for getting involved and a great big “Thank You” must go to Mrs Englefield, from all of us in Year 3.