Hazel Class Artists

It has been another busy week in Hazel Class. We have been learning about subtraction in Maths, continuing our science experiments with ice and reading more of the book ‘Blown Away’. We have also been thinking about courage, resilience and worries in PSHE.

Hazel class have been sketching polar bears this week. The pupils tried to notice close-up details on the polar bears. Some children chose to draw detailed sketches of paws, or ears or eyes. Everyone worked really hard and we were really impressed with pupils who kept going even when it got tricky. Well done for persevering everyone, your art is fantastic!

We were all amazed by the way that Hazel class pupils retold the story  of ‘Blown Away’. Some pupils made brilliant story maps and others chose to retell the story using their teddies and toys from around the house. The quality of work was astounding!

Wow! Great work Hazel Class!