A busy week in Oak!

Year 6 have been absolutely fantastic learners this week, delving into all sorts of tricky concepts. Fractions have been the hot topic in Maths as we learned to compare fractions with different denominators, while in English we have had a big focus on grammar. We learnt to use semicolons and colons, learning that colons act a bit like a messenger coming to announce something important. We even dressed as messengers to read out the sentences we wrote to practice using a colon!

Our afternoons have been just as busy. We’ve been learning a dance to the James Bond soundtrack with Mrs Englefield, celebrating our differences in PSHE and finding out why Christians view God as holy and loving in RE. Our theme in Science has been Earth and Space and this week, we learnt that the Earth’s rotation causes night and day, using footballs and torches to model this.

A busy week came to a lovely end with the welly walk. After a slightly wet trek around the field, we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate to bring to an end a week full of successes. Well done, Year 6, keep on being amazing!