A lovely end to Term 5 in Oak Class

What a week it’s been for us all in Oak Class! On Monday and Wednesday, 12 children set out for Bikeability, learning to safely ride on our roads, recognising road signs and using hand symbols correctly. The Sports Leaders also did an amazing job leading a sports festival for the children in Hazel Class – thank you, Sports Leaders, for helping to create such a special morning for many of our younger children! With so many children busy on the road or with Year One, it was at times, a very quiet classroom…

On Tuesday, we set out on a walk to Mrs Maslin’s farm. While there and en route, we completed some team building tasks. One  such task involved putting on our coats with only hand. In pairs, some children worked amazingly to help others get their coats back on; others still didn’t look quite right!

To finish our learning in Art, in which we have learnt to paint landscapes, we sat down to paint the beautiful scene from the top of the hill looking down into Aldbourne and beyond.

A great surprise was to be had on Thursday when our buddies in Reception presented us with our leavers hoodies. Year 6 look resplendent in their hoodies and already wear them with great pride!

With the rest of the school, we took part in the Poetry Slam. The whole class gave an amazing performance of The Lion and Albert while a few individuals and groups shared some amazing poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah or composed by themselves. Well done to all the Year 6s who took part!

As always Year 6, you have put in so much hard work this term and we are all incredibly proud of you! Have a lovely, well-deserved week off!