A brilliant end of term in Year 6

Year 6 have worked so hard this term and we have enjoyed a great couple of weeks to finish off before Easter. Mr Knighton visited to talk with us about his experiences climbing Mount Everest. A few of us tried on some very warm clothing which would have helped Mr Knighton on his climb.

Later on, we drew some scaled drawings to show just how tall Everest is in comparison with St Michael’s Church or even a mountain such as Ben Nevis! The extra strip of paper was needed to be able to accurately draw Mount Everest to scale.

In RE, we have been thinking about the special time of year that is Easter. We’ve been answering the question “What did Jesus do to save human beings?” We acted out parts of the Easter story as a reminder – can you work out which station of the cross is being shown in some of these pictures?

We also learnt that Christians feel that sins are a burden. Through Jesus’ sacrifice, this burden is lifted. We experienced this by writing our own sins on a piece of paper and burning them, reflecting on how this might make a Christian feel as their sins are washed (burnt) away.

Our term ended with a beautiful Easter service on the field. Year 6, you sang and read beautifully – well done! Happy Easter from all of us in Year 6!