Collective Worship Policy

St Michael’s CE Aided School

Collective Worship

Issue Date Review Date Document Owner(s) Nominated Governor
February 2020 February 2022 Judith Arkwright Foundation


This policy has been drawn up by the governors of the school, in consultation with the Headteacher, collective worship co-ordinator and other members of staff.

Legal Requirements

St Michael’s C of E School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School.  Worship is therefore an important part of the school day as it gives us the opportunity to come together as a school community.   

As such it has a Trust Deed which states that worship should be” in accordance with the principles and practices of the Church of England”. 

In accordance with legal requirements (School Standards and Framework Act 1998) an act of Collective Worship, taking account of the age, aptitude and background of pupils, is provided daily for all pupils except those withdrawn by parents.  The school expects that withdrawal will only be made following discussions with the Headteacher, followed by written confirmation of withdrawal.  Where needed, the school will set up a system of suitable supervision for children withdrawn from acts of worship.  All staff are expected to attend acts of worship on a weekly basis. 


A lifetime love for learning

‘St. Michael’s is a happy school where the pupils and staff share many special moments together building a lifetime love for learning. It is filled with imagination, nurture, enthusiasm, creativity, risk taking and challenge with our Christian ethos weaving its way throughout all that we do’ 

At St. Michael’s we aim to achieve this by creating a broad and rich learning experience, underpinned by Christian values. This enables each child to develop their curiosity and imagination, and gives them the skills to ask questions, solve problems and know where to find the answers. 

  • Our goal is to ensure that the different needs of each child are met, and to enable every child to explore and expand their talents accordingly. 

We believe academic achievement and personal development are equally important, and a stimulating and happy learning environment fosters both. Furthermore, we aim to build confidence and a sense of responsibility in all our children, as well as nurturing the moral, ethical and spiritual values that will ensure they are able to make positive contributions both now and in later life. 

  • Our commitment is to maintain a high quality of provision that serves both the children and the community beyond for many years to come. 

 The Staff and Governors of St Michael’s work together to provide a friendly and secure atmosphere, within which great emphasis is placed on the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development of the children.  

Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.   

Through the years, the school has served the whole Aldbourne community, and welcomes children of all faiths.  It aims to provide an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.  The caring values promoted throughout the school also reflect this commitment. 

Aims of Collective Worship

At St. Michael’s School Collective Worship aims to: 

  • Help the pupils to make connections with the Bible stories and our core values of love, honesty and respect 
  • Help pupils see worship as being relevant to everyday life 
  • Help pupils become more sensitive to the wonders and mysteries of God’s world around them 
  • Help pupils to reflect upon their own existence and the puzzling questions which life poses 
  • Develop a sense of community, to celebrate its successes and an understanding of its importance 
  • Encounter various kinds of language and symbols used in Christian Worship 
  • Contribute to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils 
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to share what is meaningful and significant to them 
  • Give time for silent reflection 
  • Experience a variety of different forms of worship 
  • Invite (never coerce) a response from the children which is appropriate to the occasion
  • Celebrate special occasions in the Churches year and the life of the community 
  • Underpin the Christian values and ethos of the school 


Daily acts of worship occur for the whole school. Typically, the format will be:

Monday Whole school collective worship, led by the Clergy
Tuesday Class worship
Wednesday Songs of Praise led by Headteacher
Thursday Open the Book – followed by class reflection
Friday Whole school celebration worship, with community invited. Children share the prayers they have written liked to our termly value.


  • The Headteacher leads an act of worship each term to introduce the new value  
  • The children take it in turns termly to share a collective worship based around our termly value 
  • Other Church services are planned celebrating Christian festivals within the Church year and other events in the school year.  These are generally open to the whole community. 


The school and Clergy work closely together in planning for Collective Worship.  There is a shared theme for each term which is taken from an agreed list of ‘Christian Values’.  This same theme is then woven throughout the school’s worship by: 

  • a central display in the school each week 
  • appropriate music being played before and after each worship 
  • songs linked to the weekly theme  
  • open the Book with class time for reflection 

Opportunities are taken to use Collective Worship for

  • Using the Bible as a source book for inspiration and learning
  • Prayer and reflection
  • Reflecting upon Christian symbols and their use in worship
  • Observing the cycle of the Church year
  • Celebrating children’s achievements
  • Sharing of stories and what message they give to us
  • Enjoyment of visitors’ skills or lifestyles
  • Share the termly value and explore what impact it has on us


The school has a range of materials and artefacts to support the delivery of Collective Worship.  These include ‘Roots and fruits’, The Lion Storyteller Bible and Open the Book Storybook are used within the school to support the teaching in Open the Book.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Collective Worship will be monitored by the foundation Governors through: 

  • Discussion with children and looking at their reflective diaries used in reflective class time after Open the Book. 
  • Discussion between Collective Worship co-ordinator and the R.E. subject leader 
  • Attendance at worship by Foundation Governors when possible 
  • Foundation Governors attending the children’s value worship and talking to the children afterwards