Years 5&6 Curriculum 2018-2019

Subject Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Topic Ancient Greece Around the world Food, glorious food!
Greek day – school day Trip under canvas with canoes Whole school day
Musician Influences from around the world Oliver Musical
Artist Banksy Andy Warhol


Start year with poetry learnt

Greek myths (focus on myths from traditional stories which also include legends and fables)

Travel brochures – persuasive texts; TV adverts


NCR – mythical beasts or hero (see guided reading books – light touch)

Instructions to make clay pot/best hero/worst monster

Job adverts to be best hero

Greek myths

NB WWI week – The Piano – narrative, diaries, letter writing, poetry


Greek Myths – Marcia Williams (6) and (5)


Myths – retell story


Persuasive letters


Newspaper – reporting on an extreme event – be explorers or expedition

Diary (see Antarctic – SATs reading paper)

Poetry to describe – learn by heart

Spellbinder – model for newspaper

Narrative – adventure stories (Swallows and Amazons)

Balanced argument – should we claim Everest or not? (Simon K to talk) and/or persuasive

John Foster poet

The Viewer – Shaun Tan


Year 6

Holes (stories which raise issues) – flashback, setting, diary writing, characterisation

Ernest Shackleton book and film

First person recount

Persuasion – should tourists visit Antarctica?


Year 5

Narrative – Rainbow Bear – Michael Morpurgo

Ernest Shackleton book and film

First person recount

Persuasion – should tourists visit Antarctica?

Balanced argument – debate on fairtrade

Viewpoint letter writing to tie in with view on debate

Narrative – other cultures







Jack and the Baked Beanstalk



To investigate and interpret past

To build an overview of world history

To understand chronology

To communicate historically

Ancient Greece


Greek day – comparing life for a child then and now; evidence in stories – key stage history

Using primary and secondary sources; comparing Athenians and Spartans and how information is interpreted




Shackleton as an example of British history beyong 1066

Local history

Victorian times – history of Swindon and railway works (Hammerman and GRAP)


Links with Victorian times and how farming has changed over the years – how village has changed in terms of food production


Links with railways in Swindon and affect on food production in Victorian times



To investigate places

To investigate patterns

To communicate geographically

Locate European countries

Ancient map and modern “map”

Changes over time


Investigated Europe and where Greece is

We investigated landscape of Greece – to link in to history

How landscape and countries have changed and developed

Extreme environment

Water cycle

Climate zones

Volcanoes and earthquakes – make a volcano

Collecting data

Distribution of natural resources


What is an extreme environment

Climates and physical features of place

Tourism on Antarctica

Scale drawing

Where does our food come from?

Country location

Trade links

Distribution of natural resources

Time zones

Land usage


Use of progression in mapping was VERY useful – must NOT be lost

Mapping skills – Countries around the world

Scale maps

Geographical language


Science Properties and materials Animals including humans Classification and life cycles



RE Symbols and religious , expression: How do art, architecture, poetry express religious beliefs and ideas Blocked Christmas – Discovery: Is the Christmas story true? Beliefs in action in the world – justice and poverty: can religions help to build a fair world? Blocked – Easter – Discovery: Did God intend Jesus to be crucified and, if so, was Jesus aware of this? Journey of life and death – why do some people believe in life after death and what difference does it make? Worship, pilgrimage and special place – why is pilgrimage important to some religious believers
PE House comps
Year 5 Hockey/gym High 5s/dance Tag rugby/gym Orienteering/dance Cricket/athletics Volleyball/athletics
Year 6 High 5s/gym Hockey/dance Tag rugby/gym OAA/dance Cricket/athletics Volleyball/athletics
Music Charanga Music


Use Switched On Units to tie in with topic

See scheme

Scratch – coding



Blogging to tie in with residential: We are Bloggers






Architecture – We are Architects – simple Greek house (shorter)




Coding – Scratch – We are game developers (game set in an extreme envioronment)









Tie in We are Artists to Andy Warhol below




We are Web Developers – tie in with blogging e.g. embed blogging page into webpage


To take inspiration from design throughout history

To master skills

To design, make evaluate and improve


CAMs toy






Materials & textiles



Food – tea party for the community (summer theme with music concert)




· Take inspiration from greats

· Develop ideas

· Master techniques





Barbara Hepworth

Clay monster

(Digital media/painting) Printing/collage

Andy Warhol

Collage – crisp packets


Digital media (see also We are Artists in ICT)

French Classroom instructions

Revision of names




Where live

Numbers 1 – 31


Revise days of weeks

Number 32 – 60

Zoo animals




Dear Zoo

Numbers 62 – 80

Classroom instructions

Where they live – town and country

Places in a town







Bear Hunt story

Classroom instructions


81 – 100 numbers as money topic


To tie in with economic wellbeing




Healthy eating

Year 5 Citizenship – me and my community Safety Resilience – preparing for change Sex and relationships Economic wellbeing Healthy lifestyles
Year 6 Citizenship – me and my community Safety Resilience – preparing for change Sex and relationships Economic wellbeing Healthy lifestyles