Year 4 – Overview for the Summer 2018

Year 4 – Overview for the Summer

Teachers – Mr Pavey, Mrs Maslin. Topic – Best of British

Below is an overview of the work we will be doing over the next term.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do come and see me.


Our English work will be linked closely to our topic, Best of British. We will look at the work of C. S. Lewis, a famous British author and read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, before writing our own adventure stories based in Narnia.

Later in the term, we will become journalists, thinking about famous events in British history and writing the front page articles of our own newspapers.

Targets: Must – Ask questions about a piece of writing. Should – Punctuate speech correctly. Could – Create characters, plots and settings.


Our times tables will continue to be a focus this term. We will carry out the 99 Club challenge on a daily basis and we would be so grateful if we could have as much help as possible with this at home. Our times tables will be used in so much of our learning in Maths moving forward!

Among many other forms of measurement, we will be thinking about telling the time. Again, any help with this tricky part of the curriculum would be greatly appreciated.

Targets: Must – To know times tables to 12 x 12. Should – Use the four operations to solve measure and money problems. Could – To tell the time accurately on analog clock, 12 hour and 24 and clocks.


Our studies will focus on the Earth in space. The children will learn about the planets in our solar system and about their movements. They will also look at the moon and how it orbits the Earth. As part of the Best of British topic they will learn about Tim Peak and his experiences in space.

Religious Education

We will explore Hinduism again this term, looking at the belief that Brahman (God) is in everything and everywhere. We will think about the impact on the way Hindus live their lives as a result of this belief. To understand Brahman, we will learn that Hindus believe in many deities who are all different representations of Brahman, by thinking about the many different roles we take on in our own lives.


As in the Spring term, we will use computing across the curriculum, using it support our learning in other areas. We will use the internet to research British historical figures (especially women). We will use this opportunity to also think about how to stay safe online, especially as we all use the internet so much!


Through our Best of British topic, we will think as historians about past great Britons and also as geographers to explore the beauty of the British countryside. Women will play an important role as we explore the lives of notable British women and their impact on British society. We will use our Maths and Geography skills to work out if it truly rains all the time in Britain!

Art/Design & Technology

This term we will be focusing on the work of the British artist Gillian Ayres, who primarily created mixed media collages. We will use her work to inspire us in creating our own beautiful collages.


Ukuleles have arrived in school! We will be learning the basics of playing the ukulele in order to play some British songs. By learning just four chords, we will be able to access so many well known songs and we will learn some key British pieces of music, ready to perform at the end of the year.


Our PE sessions will develop around Real PE. The children will be thinking about working together, playing games and completing activities that require the children to work together. We will also think about how to help one another, how to encourage those who are finding the work difficult and how to help one another achieve their  potential in their PE lessons.

Personal, Social and Health Education

Circle times will continue. Our termly value of compassion will be discussed and contemplated upon Children will be encouraged to reflect on how and when they show  compassion to others and themselves.

Class Information

  • Please make sure that your child has a full, named PE kit in school on Monday for the whole week. PE is currently timetabled for Tuesday and Wednesday, however this can change. Children will also need trainers in school every day for our mile run.
  • Reading books need to be brought into class daily so that children can have the chance to change books and for other adults to hear them read.
  • Clear water bottles should be bought into class – it helps if they are named.


Each Friday a spelling homework and Maths homework will be set. Please support your children to learn their spellings and practice their number facts as it really does make a difference.

Reading – Please do try to read with your child as much as possible. If you have difficulty reading with your child please come and discuss this with me. Reading at home has such a huge impact on their progress in reading and writing in school so really go for it!