Hazel Class: Super Science and more…

This week, Hazel class have been very busy exploring how to keep our bodies healthy through eating nutritious food. We learned all about the different food groups and how to eat a balanced diet. The children were challenged to create a delicious meal using their knowledge about a nutritious diet.

We were really impressed with the meals created!

Hazel class have also been exploring ice this week by setting up an experiment to show ice melting. We tested salt, sugar and hot and cold water to see what would melt the ice the fastest. Some pupils noticed that the size of the ice cube also had an effect on the speed of the ice melting.

What amazing work!

We also learned about climate this week and were tasked with locating hot and cold countries using an atlas and packing a suitcase for a trip to a hot or cold country.

Wow! What a busy week in Hazel class!

You always amaze us with your fantastic work. Keep it up!