Year 6 – Overview for the Autumn Terms

Teachers – Mr Jarvis, Mrs Gandolpho and Mrs Budd

Ancient Maya

In history this term our focus will be on the Ancient Maya civilisation. To begin with we will think about where this civilisation falls in relation to others when studying timelines and chronology. After that, we will investigate why the Maya are such a fascinating civilisation. From amazing inventions and social hierarchies to beliefs in Gods and the studying of astronomy, children will be immersed in all things Maya before investigating why the civilisation declined. In geography we will focus on the Americas. After beginning with mapping work and the location of countries, we will then move on to study how the physical landscape may have impacted upon how long the Maya civilisation lasted. We will investigate land borders and the social impacts of this too. In art we will look at Maya clothing, creating prints and masks or headdresses ready for our own Maya ceremony.

The Rainplayer will be our focus in English. We will be developing our inference skills, looking for subtle clues in texts and images to develop our understanding of the narrative. We’ll focus on author’s intent too, considering why certain words and phrases have been deliberately chosen and what impact they have on the reader. We’ll then employ these skills within our own narratives. Next we will focus on discussion texts, linking this to our work on countries and boarders.


To kick off the year we’ll develop our skills in understanding place value. Children will be rounding and comparing numbers up to 10 million and working on their skills with negative numbers. We’ll then move on to calculation where we will continue to develop our written and mental methods before unpicking factors and multiples, prime, square and cube numbers too.

Earth and space will be a focus in term one. Children will develop their understanding of how planets move relative to the sun in our solar system and will focus on the orbit of the moon relative to Earth. They will also develop their understanding of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night.

‘Creation: conflicting or complimentary?’ will be our focus in term one. Children will develop their understanding of the creation story, using bibles, quoting chapters and verses to re-tell key events. They will also investigate creation from a scientific viewpoint, developing their own ideas and seeing whether the two ideas correspond.

Class Information

Home learning will be given out every Friday to be completed for the following Wednesday. Children will be given a page or two to complete from their CPG books. (If they don’t manage to do this at home, we’ll find time in school for them to complete it). Please continue to read with and listen to your children read as it has a major influence on their progression in school.

P.E. Kit/water bottle

Please ensure that your child brings a named water bottle to school each day. It is vital that they drink plenty of water throughout the day! PE is currently timetabled to take place on a Wednesday afternoon, however this may change. A full PE kit must be in school on this day.


This term we will follow the charanga music scheme and our focus will be on melody and lyrics – using the song ‘Happy’ as our focus. We’ll continue to have a musician of the term – this term it is Beethoven.

Important dates will all be listed on our class page on the website