Geography Day!

Today, Year 1 and 2 had a Geography day exploring the countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom. They started the day learning that the

Persevering in Year 4

 Year 4 have been busy exploring perseverance, firstly we looked at famous quotes about perseverance, and then we persevered ourselves

Food tasters in Year 2!

In preperation for making crumbles, Year 2 tasted and smelled different foods they might want to put in their own crumbles. Can you tell which foods

Active maths

 Year 4 have been working their bodies alongside their brains as they practice their 6

Everyone loves a baby!

What an outstanding performance! Year 2 retold the Christmas story in the Church on Tuesday. They did a suberb job! We could not be prouder.

Volunteer Tea Party

This morning we gave our heartfelt thanks to all the amazing volunteers who so kindly give up their time to help and support us in