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Hazel class celebrate harvest

Hazel class have had a really enjoyable last day of term. This morning we reflected on the harvest celebration. The children enjoyed preparing a healthy

Balancing Birch class

Birch class have continued to develop their balancing skills. This week they set themselves some big personal challenges to complete. All the children were brilliant

Should Claudius invade?

Emperor Claudius held a meeting of his Senators today in Year 4. He wanted help to decide if he should invade Britannia. His Senators took

Poetry Slam Grand Final 2020

What an amazing afternoon we’ve had at St Michael’s enjoying the Poetry Slam Grand Final! All the children performed class poems and the class finalists did

A spooky afternoon in Year 4

This afternoon Year 4 enjoyed exploring skeletons. As well as learning about why we have bones, the children met our own resident skeleton who lives