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Year 3 Roman Maths

Today Year 3 kicked things off with a day to launch our new topic about the Romans. This afternoon we explored Roman numerals. There were

Volunteer Tea Party

This morning we gave our heartfelt thanks to all the amazing volunteers who so kindly give up their time to help and support us in

Yr 3 Art Masterclass

On Friday Year 3 we’re lucky enough to have an art masterclass in making objects 3D with Mrs Thomas. They investigated light and dark shading

Year 3 in Joseph

This week the Year 3 children were chosen to help the Open The Book team tell the story of Joseph. They took the role of

Year 3 – Christingles

Last Friday, the Year 3 children helped volunteers from the church to make the Christingles ready for the start on advent on Sunday. I have

Recent work in year 6

Year 6 have been using Mayan patterns as inspiration for some printing work… in English we watched a spooky animation – Alma – as a stimulus