St. Michael’s PSA

 St. Michael’s Parent School Association

The St. Michael’s PSA is a registered charity and is made up of all the parents and staff of St. Michael’s School community. Everyone who joins the school is automatically a member. We host an AGM in the school to discuss a wide range of issues. In addition, regular meetings are held at the school where organisational matters and fundraising activities are discussed and organised to support our school.

We share the belief that our school is an amazing and outstanding school at the heart of the Aldbourne community. We want the best for our children so we work closely with the school to explore areas where we can assist with funding items and experiences the school is unable to provide from the general school budget.

For instance in 2016, the funds we raised throughout the year went towards the purchase of new laptops and interactive whiteboards, the refurbishment of the Reception class outdoor area, and the fantastic new Play Pod and the new Tepee for Forest School.

Click here if you’re interested in joining us or getting involved.

St. Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne