School Council

Welcome to the St. Michael’s School Council page!

Our School Councillors for 2016/17 are:           

Year 6: Benji and Lila. Year 5: Kitty and Chloe. Year 4: Isla and Ethan Year 3: Amy, Zach.  Year 2: Emily, Teddy and Alissia.

From fantastic fundraising to investigating exciting new projects and of course looking after our surrounding environment and keeping our school healthy, this is the place to keep you up to date with our many projects.  The key to being a school councillor is communication, and we meet on a regular basis to develop ideas and discuss potential projects with our teachers, classmates and members of the wider community. We always aim to think outside the box and be the voice of our classes and our mission is to keep striving to make our school an even more epic place to develop our lifelong love of learning.



St. Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne