Our Houses

For our summer sports day event, children are split into two prestigious houses, Danes and Saxon.

We’re not really sure why we adopted the Danes and Saxons. But we have seen that the children experience a real sense of belonging and camaraderie. Each summer, we compete for the House Cup, which is a wonderful occasion and a chance for children of all ages to work together. The culmination of the day is the nail biting, heart stopping, breath taking Big Wheel, where we compete for The Big Wheel Salva! If you haven’t yet experienced it, prepare to lose your voice!

We’ve been competing in these same houses for over many years and still hush toned tales circulate the village of ‘that great Saxon win in 76’ and the ‘Danes dominance of the 80s’. We’re planning on competing in these houses on sports day for many years to come.

In September 2013, we launched a new House system.  There are four houses – Winterbourne, Kennet, Four Barrows and Ridgeway. Children earn house points throughout the week for following our Golden Rules, as well as having a positive attitude to learning.  The House with the most points at the end of the week is presented with The House Cup during Celebration Assembly.

Each House runs their own fund raising event each year, raising money for their nominated charity.

We sit in our Houses at lunch time and enjoy House team building events on whole school themed days. In the summer term, our year 5’s apply to be House Captains, filling in an application form and then being interviewed by Mrs Arkwright and a member of The Governing Body.

Each September, new children to the school are sorted into one of the four houses. The first challenge is to sort ourselves to make the initial letter of our house name.

Four Barrows


Bethan and Tegan are the Captain and Vice Captain of Four Barrows, with their house colour of green.

On Friday 3rd February, Four Barrows spent the day raising funds for their chosen charity, Prospect House.
Titled ‘Bad Hair Day’ children came in to school in non-uniform with a splash of green and crazy hair.  During the day there were fair ground games for children, continuing after school so families and carers could join in.  There was also an art competition and finally we are still waiting for the return of all those Smarties tubes filled with 20p’s.  Well done Bethan and Tegan and all those involved for such a fun day raising funds for such a good cause!



Bradley and Freddie are the Captain and Vice Captain of Ridgeway, with their house colour of red.

Friday 24th March Bradley and Freddie will be holding their house event for Comic Relief.  We look forward to seeing what ideas they come up with…….



The Captain and Vice Captains of Winterborne are Harry, Lachlan and Isaac, who have blue as their house colour.




Alexa and George are the Captain and Vice Captain of the yellow house, Kennett.

‘Friday 18th November, Kennet held their house day.  We had a Pudsey friendship band and pin sale.  We also had guess the spots on Pudsey’s present.  The day ended with a massive cakes sale.  Thank you for all your support.’  Alexa and George.

St. Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne