Our Governors

The Governors at St. Michael’s, together with the staff team, are responsible for ensuring that the school delivers the best educational and learning environment possible.

We bring experience from a variety of business, professional and community backgrounds with a majority of us either currently or previously having our children in the school. Our constituency also maintains part of the schools strong links with parents, community, church and parish.  We meet regularly to review progress, maintain financial stability and to consider longer term developments.

We introduce ourselves below and any one of us would welcome the opportunity to explain more about what we do as all governors are visible in the daily life of the school.

We currently have 14 serving governors

1 Authority Governor appointed by Wiltshire Council

Mr Simon Knighton, Chair

2 Staff Governors

Mrs Judith Arkwright, Head Teacher
Mrs Linda Maslin

8 Foundation Governors elected by The Church

Reverend Candice Marcus
Mrs Marguerite Seward
Mrs Liz Morris, Vice Chair
Mrs Caroline Kaneen
Mrs Lorna Moore
Mrs Nadia Aylett
Mrs Vivien Bayne-Jardine
Ms Kate McPhedran

2 Parent Governors elected by Parents of Pupils

Mr Patrick Zebedee
Mrs Alex Lambert

2 Associate Members appointed by The Governing Body

Mr Ben Everitt 
Mrs Victoria Parmiter

1 Co-opted Governor appointed by The Governing Body

Mr Rupert Bound

The Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Sandy Martin

If you have any queries or would like to know more about being a governor at St. Michael’s, in the first instance, please email Sandy at sandypmartin@aol.com

The Full Governing Body (FGB) meet 5 times a year, with meetings being set at the start of the academic year.

For further information on attendances at meetings, business and pecuniary interests and more information on our work please see links below.

Minutes of the meetings can be found in hard copy inside the entrance hall.

St. Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne