Year Six (Mr Jarvis)

Welcome to Yr 6!

Step into year 6 where you’ll find a cauldron of awe and wonder full of nature-loving learning enthusiasts who are all wonderfully unique and who work together to create a thriving community.  Like a bright sun after a long, cold winter, we are a warm, caring and super-friendly bunch of people who are always ready to greet you!

We are a fantabulous class full of mind blowing creativity – our imaginations are so big that if you were to climb inside, you’d never find your way out!  Like the ultimate dare-devils, we love nothing more than tackling challenges; jumping right in and diving deep to find hidden treasures in our learning.

On our journey through St. Michael’s, we have become a caring and considerate class who always strive to support and help others and we’re the class you can always rely on. This year we aim to be THE BEST role models for the rest of the school; taking responsibility, leading by example and being the ultimate super-learners! This may sound strange but we totally ENJOY making mistakes and using our growth-mind-set’s because it is the best ways to learn!

Every day we bound in to school full of excitement and it is impossible to leave without having huge smiles on our faces! Wherever we go and whatever we do, our brains are in a constant learning orbit as we really do have a love for learning.


St. Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne